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Stabilize with Our Compaction Grouting in Texas

Compaction Grouting

Often, you need to build in an environment where the soil conditions are less than ideal. Ensure you begin with a stable foundation by partnering with Pier-A-Mid Inc. Among our many other grouting techniques, we’re pleased to also perform low mobility or compaction grouting in Texas. We also assist commercial clients and engineering firms nationwide. Contact us today to request our assistance with your upcoming construction project.

The Compaction Process

Compaction grouting is essentially the strategic placement of grout within soil. We will insert an injection pipe into the soil down to the maximum treatment depth. Grout is injected as the pipe is slowly removed, creating columns of overlapping grout bulbs. As the grout expands and stiffens, it increases the density and friction of the surrounding soil.

Why Choose Compaction Grouting?

Low mobility or compaction grouting is an effective way to:

  • Improve Soil’s Bearing Capacity
  • Decrease Settlement Risk
  • Lift Sunken Structures
  • Cut Off Flowing Water
Cement Grouting

Furthermore, it is often chosen among other techniques because the grout columns produced do not require any structural connection to the foundation. Thus, it is often a more economic stabilization option than conventional approaches. Furthermore, we can perform compaction grouting even in limited space and difficult-to-access locations. Talk to our team to learn more about this grouting technique and find out if it is the best option for your project.