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If you notice cracks in your concrete driveway or have other damaged outdoor slabs, then Pier-A-Mid Inc. has the solutions you need with our professional mud jacking in Houston, TX. This is an effective method of concrete repair for property owners, and it’s an affordable way to deal with damaged concrete surfaces.

When concrete surfaces are damaged, they can create instability and pose risks to the property or building. With our services, we can efficiently deal with any damage to your surfaces so that your property can regain stability. To learn more about the repair services or to discuss your damaged concrete surfaces, reach out to our structural rehabilitation company.

Advantages of This Affordable Repair Technique

Mud jacking has a number of inherent benefits that make it an excellent choice for your repair project. Some of these benefits include:

Saves You Money
• Fixes the Real Problem
• It’s a Quick Repair
• It’s a Clean Repair
• It Doesn’t Keep You Waiting
• Maintains Uniform Color in the Concrete
• Eco-Friendly Repair

Additionally, mud jacking is considerably more efficient than other traditional methods. For example, if you wanted to fully replace the surface, you would need to demolish and remove the existing concrete, recreate the concrete bed, and pour the new material. By relying on the techniques offered by our geotechnical professionals, you can avoid this lengthy process and typically have your repairs finished in a single day.

Saving You Valuable Time and Improving Property Value

Our experienced team can finish most jobs in a matter of hours in a single day. The mud jacking process does not require disturbance to existing landscaping. Without the simplicity and ease of mud jacking, replacement is a lengthy procedure. It requires demolishing and removing the existing concrete, recreating the concrete bed, and pouring. New concrete takes days to cure and needs time to dry before use.

When you deal with the concrete crack issues on your property, you not only improve safety, but you also increase your property value. If you decide to sell your property in the future, taking care of these problems now will increase the value. It shows prospective buyers that you were conscientious and took care of issues that arose so they can buy with confidence in their investment.

Whether it’s the patio slabs in your backyard or the walkway leading to your business, our comprehensive mud jacking services can help get things safely back in order. There is no reason to keep looking at that unsightly damage when our specialists are available to help you take care of it.

Contact Pier-A-Mid Inc. if you are encountering cracks in your concrete sidewalks or slabs. We proudly serve Houston, TX, and the surrounding area.