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Reduce The Chance Of Contamination With Chemical Grouting In Houston

Waste doesn’t just stay on the surface; it can seep into the soil and cause environmental concerns over time. This problem is particularly troubling around waste sites or landfills, where chemical pollutants can spread into the surrounding area.

Chemical grouting for Houston area waste management sites offers one of the most effective solutions. Pier-A-Mid Inc. can supply the materials and skills to protect the soil and water table from unwanted seepage.

Keeping It Clean

There are two types of chemical grouting: rigid and flexible. Both are injected into the soil mass to create a floor, cap, or vertical wall. The wall prevents pollutants from spreading beyond the landfill.

In addition, chemical water stops and cement grouts also offer adhesion and cohesion to support the strata further, preventing future migration. These methods allow you to lock in the growing plum before it escalates. We can help isolate the target zone from vertical groundwater flow, stopping the spread of pollution. More effective contamination prevention means less chance of code violations and lawsuits.

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