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Subsurface and Jet Grouting in Houston, TX

Make Pier-A-Mid Inc. your preferred choice for subsurface and jet grouting in Houston, TX. Clients choose us because we listen to their needs, pay close attention to detail, and showcase superb workmanship. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Subsurface Grouting

The process of grouting soil and rock masses allows the technology to go beyond construction applications and into environmental rehabilitation. Subsurface grouting can enhance structural stability or hydraulic control, and its geotechnical applications are common in foundation work. On the other hand, environmental applications have come into their own in the last 10 years. This development resulted from RBCA laws allowing risk-based corrective actions for subsurface problems and legitimizing containment in place.

Unlike sheet pile barriers and slurry walls, grout curtains can be targeted to the zone of interest instead of being set to the surface. Grout can be injected by borings angled under structures, using compact equipment, allowing installations around active plants. Subsurface grouting techniques include:

• Permeation Grouting of Natural Granular or Fracture Porosity
• Grout Lens Creation in Hydraulic Fractures

Low-viscosity grout can be injected at low pressure to permeate granular material. In addition, it can create a groundwater barrier or make loose sand under a structure more cohesive. Grout ranging from expansive, quick-setting urethanes to fly ash can plug natural joints. Multi-stage grouting can also be used for this purpose and then matrix porosity in a fractured sandstone.

Another aspect of our subsurface grouting service includes facilitating pier setting in contaminated ground by pre-grouting drilling locations to gel groundwater. This process prevents the groundwater from flowing into the borehole without casing.

We also inject grout lenses at a pressure higher than the overburden load, creating a subsurface cap to a contaminated zone. As an added benefit, the grout inhibits vertical groundwater migration.

Jet Grouting

Pier-A-Mid Inc. has extensive experience providing jet grouting in Texas. We inject grout at high pressure and velocity to destroy the existing soil structure. In addition, we mix grout and soil to form a homogeneous mass.